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Club Championship


Total Records: 11
Western Suburbs District Cricket Club658.00
Souths Junior Cricket Club593.00
Kenmore Cricket Club507.00
Ambrose Treacy College Cricket Club471.00
Macgregor Souths Cricket Club276.00
WPC Cricket Club268.00
University of Queensland Cricket Club232.00
Park Ridge Panthers Cricket Club 190.00
Moggill Cricket Club129.00
St Peter's Lutheran111.00
St Laurence's Cricket Club79.00
Total Records: 11
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Points earnt in for each team in a club (as per the current ladders) are multiplied by the weighting factors below.
The points are then added across each team in a club to give the total for that club.

MSW Girls Cricket (Stage 1)1.00
Pre Christmas U14 Div 21.00
Open U15-17 Pre Christmas Div 2 Blue1.00
Pre Xmas U11 Div 31.00
Girls Chelmer Cricket Challenge- Stage 21.00
Chelmer Girls Cricket Challenge - Stage 11.00
Post Christmas Stage 1 Girls1.00
Post Christmas U10 Div 31.00
Post Christmas U14/Open T20 Div 21.00
Pre-Xmas Super 7s1.00
Post-Xmas Super 7s1.00
Post-Xmas U10 Div 11.00
Pre-Xmas U10 Div 11.00
Post-Xmas U10 Div 21.00
Pre-Xmas U10 Div 21.00
Pre-Xmas U10 Div 31.00
Pre-Xmas U11 Div 11.00
Pre-Xmas U11 Div 21.00
Post-Xmas U11 Div 21.00
Post-Xmas U11 Div 11.00
Post-Xmas U121.00
Pre-Xmas U12 Div 11.00
Pre-Xmas U12 Div 21.00
Post Xmas U12 Div 21.00
Pre-Xmas U13 Div 11.00
Post Christmas U13 T20 Heat League1.00
Post Christmas U14 T20 Heat League1.00
Pre-Xmas U13 Div 21.00
Pre-Xmas U14 Div 11.00
Post-Christmas Open T20 Heat League1.00
Pre-Xmas U 13-14 Div 21.00
Pre-Xmas Open (u15-17) Div 11.00
Pre Christmas U15-17 Open Div 2 Red1.00


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