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Pre-Xmas U10 Div 2
Pre-Xmas U10 Div 1
Pre-Xmas U11 Div 1
Pre-Xmas U11 Div 2
Pre-Xmas U12 Div 1
Pre-Xmas U12 Div 2
Pre-Xmas U13 Div 1
Pre-Xmas U14 Div 1
Pre-Xmas U 13-14 Div 2
Pre-Xmas Open (u15-17) Div 1
Pre-Xmas Super 7s
Post-Xmas Super 7s
Post-Xmas U10 Div 1
Post-Xmas U10 Div 2
Post-Xmas U11 Div 2
Post-Xmas U11 Div 1
Post-Xmas U12
Post Christmas U13 T20 Heat League
Post Christmas U14 T20 Heat League
Post-Christmas Open T20 Heat League
Pre Christmas U15-17 Open Div 2
1 Daldy, Maxwell CUniversity of Queensland Cricket Club000000000500000000000
2 White, ThomasSouths Junior Cricket Club000000000000000000004
3 Selke, FlynnSouths Junior Cricket Club000000000000010000004
4 Awyzio, NathanUniversity of Queensland Cricket Club100000000000000000000
5 Dobson, HarryUniversity of Queensland Cricket Club000000000500000000000
6 Maker, ChristopherSt Laurence's Cricket Club000000050000000000000
7 Martini, HamishWPC Cricket Club000000000000000000045
8 Norton, BenUniversity of Queensland Cricket Club000000000400000000000
9 Mongard, JoshuaSouths Junior Cricket Club000000000500000000000
10 Jackson, Scott JPark Ridge Panthers Cricket Club 000000000300000000050
11 Haynes, BrendanPark Ridge Panthers Cricket Club 000000000500000000050
12 Angelos, EoinSouths Junior Cricket Club100000000010010000065
13 Lunt, OliverSouths Junior Cricket Club000000050000000000000
14 Buyers, EricSt Laurence's Cricket Club000000000000000000004
15 Gillespie, EwanSouths Junior Cricket Club000000000000000000065
16 Scott, JacobSouths Junior Cricket Club000000000000000000001
17 Siganto, John FSouths Junior Cricket Club000000000000000000004
18 Silvester, BraydenSouths Junior Cricket Club000000000000000000050
19 van den Berg, MaxwellSouths Junior Cricket Club000000000010000000045
20 Probets, MichaelWPC Cricket Club000000050000000000300
21 Yule, ByronWPC Cricket Club000000000000000000045
22 Devendra, GaviruWPC Cricket Club000000000000000000004
23 Schubert, LachlanWestern Suburbs District Cricket Club000000000400000000060
24 Baty, JoshuaWestern Suburbs District Cricket Club000000000400000000060
25 Burton, Tate AWestern Suburbs District Cricket Club000000050000000000040
26 Mandikos, Nicholas CWestern Suburbs District Cricket Club000000000000000000010
27 Marschke, Lachlan DUniversity of Queensland Cricket Club000000000500000000000
28 Bogicevic, VukWestern Suburbs District Cricket Club000000000000000000004
29 Flottmann, Christopher JMoggill Cricket Club000000000500000000050
30 Delchau-Jones, Lachlan MWPC Cricket Club000000000000000000042
31 Gomersall, Alister JUniversity of Queensland Cricket Club000000000300000000000
32 Edwards, RoryWestern Suburbs District Cricket Club000000000500000000000
33 Crowhurst, James VSt Laurence's Cricket Club000000000000000000003
34 Johnston, Luke AWestern Suburbs District Cricket Club000000000500000000000
35 Neumann, William JWestern Suburbs District Cricket Club000000000000000000050
36 Naylor, HamishUniversity of Queensland Cricket Club000000000300000000000
37 Lumsden, Laurie AMoggill Cricket Club000000700000000003000
38 Griffin, Owen DWestern Suburbs District Cricket Club000000000000000000040
39 Beachy-Head, ZacharyUniversity of Queensland Cricket Club100000050000000000100
40 Bean, MarcusSouths Junior Cricket Club000000050000000000000
41 Mackintosh, Conor JSt Laurence's Cricket Club000000050000000000000
42 Cameron, ArchieKenmore Cricket Club000000050000000000000
43 Appleby, EthanMoggill Cricket Club000100000500000000050
44 Auty, ZacMoggill Cricket Club000000000500000000050
45 O'Connor, WilliamMoggill Cricket Club000000000500000000050
46 Hipworth, CallumSouths Junior Cricket Club000000000000000000002
47 Adams, JackSouths Junior Cricket Club100000000510010000000
48 Fanshawe, JackUniversity of Queensland Cricket Club000000010000000000400
49 Nangia, VineshSt Peter's Lutheran000000030000000000000
50 Brown, MylesMoggill Cricket Club000000000500000000050
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Total Records: 1248   Page: 1 of 25   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.


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