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Batting Partnerships

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1212 Cameron Whitaker - Harry Huth Kenmore Cricket ClubMSW Medallion Development2 1 Wests Stars
2158 Ryan Fernando - taj manais St Peters Lutheran CollegeMSW Flag Introduction4 1 SLC White
3130 Jace Maddock - Charlie Phillips Kenmore Cricket ClubMSW Flag4 1 Souths Stars
482 Archie Sinfield - Archie Sinfield Western Suburbs District Cricket ClubMSW Cup1 1 UQ Blues
5112 Jackson Rowell - Nathan Stoddard Kenmore Cricket ClubMSW Flag Development5 1 Wests Warriors
6128 Aiyann Kashif - Nikhail Wijesekera Kenmore Cricket ClubMSW Flag3 1 Kenmore Krocodiles
771 Oliver Fay - Cormac Todd University of Queensland Cricket ClubMSW Plate Development5 1 UQ Royals
866 Jack Heelan - Nicholas Goffage University of Queensland Cricket ClubMSW Cup5 1 UQ Blues
983 Devraj Dutta - Rohith Pothugunta Macgregor Souths Cricket ClubMSW Plate2 1 SLC Black
1043 Daniel Newton - michael clark Souths Junior Cricket ClubMSW Shield Development7 1 St Peter's Gold

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