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1115 Charlie Fraser - Jack Wright Souths Junior Cricket ClubPre-Xmas U11 Div 11 1 Park Ridge Panthers
2257 jack Morris - Reyhan Nazer Western Suburbs District Cricket ClubPre-Xmas U11 Div 15 1 University of Queensland Blue
3130 Tristan Phillips - Talal Ali Macgregor Souths Cricket ClubPre-Xmas U14 Div 11 1 St Laurence's
4184 Lachlan Cumming - Denver Bantwal Park Ridge Panthers Cricket Club Post Christmas U14 T20 Heat League1 1 WPC Bulls
5103 Jacob Cibulka - Logan Gilchrist Park Ridge Panthers Cricket Club Pre-Xmas U12 Div 14 1 Wests Gold
6131 James Cartwright - Jacob Kumaru Kenmore Cricket ClubPre-Xmas U14 Div 15 1 St Laurence's
764 Seb Dunne - Tom Taylor Western Suburbs District Cricket ClubPost-Xmas U126 1 Macgregor Emus
857 James Rourke - Jayden Bessell Kenmore Cricket ClubPre-Xmas U 13-14 Div 28 1 St Peter's
979 Lachlan Cumming - Summer-Rose Briskey Park Ridge Panthers Cricket Club Pre-Xmas U14 Div 14 1 Kenmore Kangaroos
1029 Talal Ali - William France Macgregor Souths Cricket ClubPost Christmas U14 T20 Heat League1 1 Kenmore Kangaroos

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