Boys Winter Pathways Program Week 5
Date of Event Metropolitan South West District Cricket Inc.: Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:27PM
Boys MSW Winter Pathways Program Week 5


Today was a very constructive and incredible day. It was the beginning our centre wicket sessions at Ambrose Treacy College.

Once again it was brilliant to see many boys in attendance, with all of them keen to get some extra training in before the upcoming trials.

We had two focuses with our centre wickets today: running singles and hitting boundaries.

Wests Coach David Lossberg along with the help of MSW Vice President Darrin Neumann had the U14's running hard between wickets ensuring they used clear calls, ran the first one out hard and looked for two.

MSW Coach Luke Haegel worked the boys hard with hitting the ball to the boundary, especially when under pressure.

There was also some superb fielding performances from all age groups, on some hard hit balls.

Looking forward to seeing everyone for the last week of the program! Remember training will be at Ambrose Treacy College again.

Sorry No Photos this week
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