MSW Winter Pathways Week 1 & 2
Date of Event Metropolitan South West District Cricket Inc.: Sun Aug 9, 2020 9:00PM
Enormous start to the representative pre-season

Boys Winter Pathways Program Weeks 1 & 2


What a tremendous way to start our representative pre-season off, with the introduction of a fitness session by Andrew Smith from Ignite Physical Performance.  The boys were put through their paces week 1 and showed great stamina and determination as Andrew pushed them to their limits.  Week 1 also allowed the boys the opportunity to improve their fielding skills with the help of MSW coaches Luke Haegel and Daniel Schmidt, QLD Cricket Coaching and Talent Specialist Matt Conwell, and PD Cricket Coaching Specialist Peter Drinnen.  Peter took the wicket keepers into the nets and worked on their wicket keeping skills. 


Week 2 saw Andrew Smith back for another session of fitness for all the boys.  He started the session of with a warmup and then followed up with some fitness.  Some of the under 14-15’s excelled at the challenge while others slightly struggled.  After their fitness session the boys padded up and went into the nets for a batting session with Peter Drinnen.  Peter had a range of batting drills set up for the boys and the all enjoyed them immensely.


A huge thank you to Peter and Andrew for their help with the MSW Winter Pathways Program.


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